"You can have as much class in the woods as you can at the White House", or so my grandmother always said.  Sterling Brooke's goods and textiles are where the time honored and classic in function meet the art and soul of uncompromising design standards.  Equally cherished in the field and home, Sterling Brooke's original designs are not just goods and provisions.  They are an experience, a return to superior craftsmanship, pride, and utility.  Sterling Brooke is a name synonymous with quality and good taste.  Sterling Brooke's discerning, unpretentious style is the embodiment by which we live: 
Born Sterling Brooke, our founder, Kelly Price is the designer and curator for Sterling Brooke, the company.  With no formal training in art or design, an auspicious bloodline and breeding put her in the expert hands of both an interior design genius and a masterful builder.  Married to Sean, a practitioner and entrepreneur, this mother of four was reluctant to start another family business when a small gift she made for her husband made such a splash.  Relishing an outlet, she opened a small Etsy shop and within a year could no longer deny the potential to do something much more.  Once in his hands, Sean led this company to its millionth dollar within a few short years.  
Edit 6.1.2022 from Amy:  "After almost 8 years with the company, my husband, Reed, and I are purchasing Sterling Brooke from Sean and Kelly. This has been a dream come true for us.  And to have Kelly and Sean stay on as consultants and mentors made it an easy decision to make.  We are excited for what the future holds for both of our families."

  Kelly Price "Sterling Brooke", Founder and Consultant

You will often find Kelly browsing design magazines, refinishing cabinets, or having a glass of wine on her patio...finding inspiration in all that surrounds her.  In between developing new products and running a business, she is busy raising her children with Sean.  Although SHE is our namesake, Kelly is quick to remind us that WE are all Sterling Brooke and all that the name embodies. 


Sean Price, Founder and Consultant
When you look up 'wearer of many hats' in the dictionary, you may very well see a picture of Sean Price. He not only manages our manufacturing and business development at Sterling Brooke, but he is also a Chiropractic Physician and Realtor.  All of this while being an active dad of four...five if you count the cute puppy!


Amy Hebson, Owner/Operator

  A blessing to this little company, Amy brings a degree in Marketing, years of customer accounts relations, and a logical head that makes chaos make sense. She manages our wholesale accounts and travels to most of our retail shows.  


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